Flying Illusion - Magier Schwerelos

Schwebender Mann Zaubertrick

Flying Illusion by THE MAGIC MAN - Magician Levitation Trick

assistance lets magician levitate

Experience how the magician floats through the air. See THE MAGIC MAN levitate on stage! A flying magician from Germany is doing one of the strongest magic effects ever. Flying - an old dream of mankind.

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The Flying Illusion is a great magical effect. Hovering fascinated humankind since ever. The magician is flying, like without gravity, above the stage. A grand illusion.



the magician is flying in the air

The real flyingillusion created by the German magician THE MAGIC MAN:


An zero gravity illusion made by the illusion constructor and magictrick builder & inventor Willi Auerbach from Germany. Meet the MAGIC MAN in Rimini at the FISM congress 2015. The FISM is probably best known for conducting one of the premier magic conventions in the world. The International Federation of Magic Societies (FISM) was founded in 1948, and is one of the most respected organisations in the magician community. Meet the FLYING ILLUSION builder in Italy to get more information.


If you want to get more information about THE MAGIC MAN an Willi Auerbach, you can check out the rest of the website. The language is German, but you can find some photos and videos here.


Of course you can write your question to the flying magician also by mail: info(at)magic-man.de


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The flying magician from Germany: Willi Auerbach - THE MAGIC MAN: Check out the new VIDEO of this magical effect:




New magic effect of this magician - a great flying trick! 


To see a magictrick, like the levitation of the magic man, is like dreaming. So please enjoy the show of the the Floating and Levitating Man.


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